What God said to the woman – part one

Mating Pair
Difficulty.  Everything gets harder from here on out.  The actual words we read in Genesis 3:16 are roughly translated into English as “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children…”

I put the elispse there because that is not the complete picture of what God says to woman kind.  As if what just got layed upon her wasn’t enough. ( and you who have had at least one child know that was plenty.)

Woman, not created from the dust of the earth like man.  Even the animals that God brought to Adam to see what he would call them, and to see if there was a one that was suitable to be a help meet for him were, like Adam, also mud pies.  But not woman.  No, she was taken from a living creature.  Adam says “bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh”.

All this because “it is not good that the man should be alone”.  Didn’t God realize when He created man that it would be “not good” for him to be alone?  Didn’t God know that He would have to lay Adam down and do some surgery that would have long lasting side effects? 

If Satan hadn’t been lifted up with pride and rebelled and entered into the Garden of Eden, how long do you think it would have taken the woman to feed the forbidden fruit to her husband?  Lucifer was “perfect in the day that he was created”.  God don’t make junk.

Adam was perfect in the day that he was created.  More perfect than me and certainly more perfect than you.  Prior to the woman’s being decieved Adam still had the free will to disobey, but men in general can’t even answer “paper or plastic” without looking to their wife.  If you don’t believe me just watch next time you see a married couple at the check stand.  Adam would probably never take a second look at the fruit without some incentive, and I can’t help but wonder if he was thinking.  “Do I want to do what my wife says, and eat, or do I want God to make me a new one.” 

How many ribs would it have taken til he got a keeper?


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