Question – How did you learn Jack was in the CIA?

Santo Domingo 1967

Santo Domingo 1967

For me, this is kind of a foggy memory.

In my mind’s eye the scene is straight out of Act 1 Scene 1 – Macbeth – its almost as if I can see wisps of swirling low level clouds. Somewhere off stage there must be three witches chanting “double, double. Toil and trouble”

Seriously, I remember him taking me aside and in hushed tones telling me that Phillip Agee had written a book called “The CIA Diary”.

And that he had be outed. I don’t know if he used the work “outed”, but seems to me it was that or a similar word.  He didn’t seem upset, I think he was more disgusted that his time in Santo Domingo was coming to an end – and I think he really had much more he wanted to accomplish there. He accepted the hand he was dealt but he was going to play it very close to the vest.


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