Trust and Forgiveness

Jack Jr Rides Again

Jack Jr Rides Again


This is the oft asked about and sought out photograph of “Dad on the horse”.  We all knew it sat on the credenza in his house, but I sure didn’t remember it coming in to my hands – but that was a time when so much was happening with my life, and then to have to grieve his passing – it just went missing like a lot of other things and people. 

So, let me say I’m sorry if I called you a bad name, or cast aspersions on your honesty, heritage, or hairdo.  I’m not saying any of those things are untrue, but I’m sorry I thought them outloud.  The Bible says we are to forgive the one who sins agains us 70 times 7.  I’m sure I haven’t reached that limit, I may be close, but I think I still have a few left that I could redeemed.

I don’t know a thing about this photo.  Nothing is written on the back, and it is in a metal frame.  I remember many of our photos in this exact style frame when we lived on 2nd ave. There is no snow on the ground. There may be some flowers there just below the ivy, but with b&w its hard to tell.  I’m guessing this was taken in the Spring, because Dad is wearing a sweater and hat.  No saddle on the horse, but Dad looks comfortable holding the reins loosely in his hand.

Maybe we could all take a lesson from that.


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I was born, then I was born again.
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