In the beginning…

Earliest color photo of 3 bears
Earliest color photo of 3 bears

As far as I know this is one of the earliest color photos of “The 3 bears”.  I’m sorry I thought I scanned this larger, butI can’t lay my hands on it at the moment.

I’m guessing that John is about 8 months old here, so that would make it late spring 1954? Color film for the home market was in it’s infancy, and this photo in the original is, in fact, a slide I scanned.  You can see an indication of the degradation to the cellulose by the glowing orange spot on Sr’s right hand. 
HOT!  Everything about this shot says “HOT!”  Sr looks resigned, and worn out.  Mary Ellen – sun suit and hair as short as I have ever seen it, Jeff is shirtless, shorted, socked and sandaled,  John is laid back, and Clara is stating at the camera – stoic as a statue. 
I’ve begun to notice a trend as I go back to view and review these photos.  In a number of them someone usually has a hand on me.  Its starting to give me a complex.  Was I that unruly that someone always had to keep close accounts of where I was?  I know Mom had me on a harness and leash when we moved to the first house in Phoenix, but I think that was pretty short lived.  I don’t know if Dad or one of the Grandparents said something about maybe getting a music grinder to go with the monkey, or she got tired of sweeping up all the peanut shells.

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2 Responses to In the beginning…

  1. jb1025 says:

    As Jeff said looks like A warm day in Tuscon being the baby in this picture
    never really knew Jack Sr. Cactus Clara lived many years after his passing.
    I do remember them coming to Seattle out @ 20019 2nd ave s. They brought Jeff and i two large metal tin toy racers.Of course i would remember that i was a little gear in the making.I wish i had that car today you could make a very nice profit on EBAY….J.B.

  2. Jeff says:

    I had forgotten about those cars – Scarabs. Very shiny Italian, low slung, with that torpedo looking headrest/tail that tapered to a stylish point on the rear deck. Its funny, I can remember the toy but I never would have remembered the giver.

    And you are also right about being a gear (head) in the making. I’m gonna post one of my favorite pictures of you. It has all the Jonbo elements: The jonbo, the hammer, and the dog. The only thing that is missing is the slice of pizza.

    Thanks for the memory.

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