The Johnity – thats the trinity of John

this-is-how-i-remember-john1Many of the photos of John seem to capture John and a dog. No photo of the Johnity would be complete unless it included a tool.
  • This photo was taken in Phoenix at the house on Weldon Ave. Weldon was one of those streets that had one entrance, and no traffic. The front yard had or I guess I should say has because the house and yard are still alive and well on Weldon Ave…anyway it has a irrigation valve in the front corner of the yard. Thats how we would water the lawn, or maybe the irrigation man would come and open the valve, that would let the water flow on to the parched earth. I’m not sure how often we received that service, but knowing how Mom loved to grow flowers I’m sure it was frustrating for her to have to depend on the irrigation man.
  • Our neighbor’s to the East were the Rainwater family. Don’t recall much about them except years after we had moved away – they were still in that house. Think the had a passle of boys.
  • The neighbor to the West was the Alexander family. The mother lost part of one leg to cancer, and the daughter used to race quarter midgets. The daughter also used to kick me in the shins on a regular basis. Mom said she kicked me so hard one time that she heard it from inside the house.
  • As far as I know the dog didn’t belong to us, the Rainwaters, or the Alexanders. I think it came from across the street. This dog doesn’t seem to have much trust in the person with the camera. But John looks happy, and why not. He has a hammer and a dog.

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