Except a seed fall

Except a seed fall

Except a seed fall

This is one of those photos that was more of an experiment than something I had put on my list of things to photograph and add to my collection of stunningme finished products.  I have a few thousand shots of mundane and uninspiring shutter clicks that would not even make good powerpoint backgrounds.  If there was a duffer in photography that would be me.  Duffers are golfers who golf poorly, but every 18 or 36 or 72 holes they hit a shot that hits the sweet spot of the club, the backswing, the contact, the followthrough, all of it – for one magic moment comes together and the ball is lifted from the turf, sails effortlessly into the blue and then onto the green.  The sense of wonder and the sense of satisfaction meld like bread crumbs on fried chicken.  It is what brings the duffer back again and again.  One shot.  The one shot that makes up for the thousands of experiements that went awry.  Duffers do not quote Thomas Edison, but that story applies here – so with your kind forbearance…

Thomas Edison the inventor searched tirelessly for an element that would be the filament in his electric light bulb.  Investors were decreasing as fast as detractors and mockers were increasing.  Finally one posed this question:

 “Mr. Edison are you not ready to give up this ridiculous quest for the electric light bulb?” 

 “Don’t be silly”, replied Edison, “I’ve already discovered a thousand things that don’t work!”

I personally believe that all wisdom is God given.  In the book of Job chapter 39 God is talking to Job about a number of things but one of the things he tells Job is that he (God) has deprived the Ostrich of wisdom.  Back in Exodus God gave wisdom in various skills to men for the crafting of the tabernacle and its implements.  All wisdom is a gift from God, and if any man lacks wisdom he can ask God – who gives liberally and doesn’t chide one for asking. (James 1:5)

I wish I could tell you I prayed about getting more good shots than bad shots.  I can’t.  I haven’t asked for wisdom in choosing subjects for this blog.  Well, thats about to change. 




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