How God moves

Just waiting for God

Just waiting for God

My life has been a particular mess as of late.  That is not an excuse.
I’ve been working my way through the book of 1 Corinthians with my Sunday school class since early June.
I always learn more than they do.
For one reason or another about 60 percent of what I read and listen to during the week of study never makes it out of my mouth on Sunday.  However, of this you can be certain — I pray before every class that God would provide the topics from the lesson and everything that I have planned to say I will forget if it is not what he would have.
Class time is too short to take up with my reasonings and ramblings.
“Yes”, you say, then why are  you rambling on now.
Well, this is not class time, this is ramble time.
One of my class members who I affectionally refer to as “Barnabas” because more often than not he will send me an e-mail of encouragement right after class.  Today was no exception and his words are to me as if they were spoken by God.
Let me see if I can explain.
When Christians talk about the Holy Trinity it is understood who the three persons are: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
But there are many triune things: Body, Soul, and Spirit. But there is one other trinity that is holy.  The holy trinity of Christian duty: Pray, read, fellowship.
No doubt if you are a Christian you know how important these things are and how hard it is to do them.
It has been said that the thing that Satan fears the most is a Christian on his knees.
I believe that.
Its not enough to pray, no we are supposed to pray in the Spirit.
If we are praying in the Spirit we might for an instant leave our flesh behind and forget about self.
Have you noticed that God doesn’t use an audible voice much?  I have heard him call my name – not so much as a sound everyone around could hear, but it was pretty real to me.  And by the way he calls me “Jeffrey”, and I’m sorry to say he usually has to repeat it as in “Jeffrey, Jeffrey”.
What? Are you so quick to respond that when he breathes – you move?   Me neither.
So, I’m just saying that he uses his inside voice.  And that works best for both of us when I am reading his Word.  I didn’t say I understand why he does it that way, but I get the impression that is how he wants it to be.
Thirdly and *NOT* least importantly we as Christians are doing ourselves and our fellow Christians damage by not coming together at those appointed times of fellowship.  If you don’t know what I mean by “appointed” times call your Pastor and he can provide  you with a schedule. Not only are you not getting the benefit of my gift when you don’t show up –  you are not using yours as it was designed – for the edifying of the body.  I will even tell you that you are robbing God by laying out of church.  Its not nice to rob God.  See number eight on the list of the ten commandments.  Or if you really want to be convicted you could read the parable of the talents.
So, my intent for writing this was to say that the Holy Trinity can move us.  Sometimes its a feather that tickles the ear and may get quickly brushed away.  Sometimes its a cockleburr.  Not so easily brushed out,  hard to ignore, and can possibly lead to some pain if we are inattentive.
God grows a lot of burrs. He tenderly takes them off the vine, and places them in places [and people] to goad us on to the path he has chosen for us.
I did not decide to become a Sunday School teacher.  I did not wake up one day, get dressed, find a church that had a sign that said “Help Wanted – Sunday School Teacher.  I never had to fill out a “Sunday School Teacher” application, nor have I ever attended the “Sunday School Teacher training seminar”. So, how did I qualify to be a Sunday School teacher?  God qualified me.  My church just recognizes what God has already qualified.
So if you are feeling a burr under your saddle it just may be God in his compassion – desiring the best for your life – to get  you to move another hop, skip, or jump closer to where he wants you.

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