Searching for Barnabas

Have you ever been discouraged?

You know.

“Nobody likes me, everybody hates me. – think I’ll go get me some worms.”

If you know the song send me the rest of the lyrics.  I get discouraged when I can’t remember all the words.

Discouragement leads to frustration, frustration leads to minor annoyment, and that leads to higher blood pressure and eventually death.

So it is very important that we have people in our lives that encourage us.  Its also important that we be those people; those that encourage others.  This takes a quite a bit of sensitivity on our part.  We have to purpose to look for people, aye, listen for people who show onset discouragement disease.

God in his wisdom gave us two ears, two eyes, and one tongue.  As you know God did this for a reason:

‘so we can listen (and watch) twice as much as we speak’.

In God’s word Barnabas is the first companion of Paul the apostle.  He comes along side of Paul right after Paul’s miraculous conversion.  No one else wanted to be Paul’s companion because Paul, just days before, was Saul of the tribe of Benjamin, Pharasee of Pharasee’s, and one really mean guy.  Paul was kicking against the goads of God and he was frustrated, but nevertheless, intent on persecuting God’s church.

After Saul was converted to Paul it was Joses Barnabas who siezed him and led him to the other apostles.  The Bible tells us that Barnabas means “Son of consolation.”  Both “consolation” and “encouragement” are alike.  Both give us a picture of The Holy Spirit.  And while normally I would not think it wise to provoke you to be a human substitute for the Holy Spirit, I do believe we should be able ministers of the gospel and come along side our fellow believers to comfort and encourage them.

We recently lost one of this ages Sons of Consolation.  His name: Thomas Ward Lindsay.  Our loss is heavens gain.  At his send off numerous people spoke of the attention that Tom had invested in them, and how he built up their spirit, and refreshed them just by giving of himself.  I miss him, but because Jesus saves, I have the promise of seeing my Barnabas again.


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