My chrome

What was it like?Every second of every minute of every hour of every day something brand new would occur.
Two million cells had rushed toward the one big sphere without reason or cause, but one, just one had joined with it and made it whole. With the entrance of the one, the 1 million 999 thousand that didn’t make it in were forever lost.
Two single cells had become one. Or Biblically – one flesh. The one cell, as if by automation begins to do cell like things. It divides, and divides, and divides. Each new cell from each of those divisions gets an exact copy of the DNA. Forty-six chromosomes. Twenty-three from each of the original donors. Twenty-three from the Father and twenty-three from the Mother.

This One is an absolutely new being but will have many traits and characteristics of both parents.
The wonder of it all is that after many divisions of making copies of the original – new processes begin. Now the cells are taking on unique characteristics of blood vessels – and where the blood vessels lead – now organs start to form. Heart, liver, kidneys, brain. Cells form the spinal cord, and the nervous system, the lymphatic system, reproductive system, skeletal system. All is uniquelygrown in place. How do the cells decide for if they will be blood, nerve, liver, bone, or brain?
How do they decide which of two possible reproductive organs are part of this child’s blueprint? I mean, if man was commanded to “be fruitful and multiply” then it only makes sense that a male and a female are the only ones that can bring this command to fruition. According to the Bible Adam was alone in the Garden of Eden (except for God) until God said “It is not good that man should be alone”. So God formed antelopes to zebras in pairs (male and female) and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them. Adam says “Mister and Mrs Antelope, Mr and Mrs Bear, Mr. and Mrs. Caterpillar” and much, much later (as you can imagine) he finally gets to Mr and Mrs Zebra… and maybe it dawns on him (men are so slow) where is Mrs Adam? So even with all the pairs of animals in the world – man was still alone. Graciously God put Adam down to sleep, notice God did not create any more from the dust of the earth. No, he created out of his highest creation. Not from a brain cell, not from the cell of the toenail, no but from the side to make a helper meet for him. Isn’t He Great!
I personally don’t remember my 9 months in gestation – floating in the dark, growing, and hearing muffled sounds from my parents. I don’t remember my nose growing, or my ears, or my fingers. I don’t remember kicking and stretching and yearning to be free. I don’t remember the peanut butter and jelly, but I’m sure it was there. I knew I had to get out of this warm bath and get it between some good spongy white bread. Maybe my nose is still growing a little bit.
Not only did I spend 9 months in the womb, but 49 years in the World. As I had to be born in the world, I had the greater need of being born again from above. As I came forth from darkness to light as a human baby, I came forth in my rebirth as heaven’s child. A true son of my Heavenly Father.


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I was born, then I was born again.
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