Siren sound

Ice cream trucksThere are two different ice cream trucks that have their routes through my neighborhood. One of them has been running this same path for over 30 years. His vehicle has changed over time, but the song that plays from his loud speaker has not. Not many people today would even recognize this tune but the music (as I know it) is called “And the band played on”. And it is a perfect track to play for an ice cream vendor who plays the same melody over and over and over.

I heard a story about a young lad who loved baseball. He spent his days dreaming about the game. He watched the bigger boys playing over at the school yard. He yearned to play too, but he needed a mitt. Since his folks could not afford to purchase one for him – he did odd jobs, and yard work for his neighbors to earn the money he needed to purchase one. Mowing and raking and sweeping turned in to dimes, nickels and quarters and slowly they began to mound into a nice little nest egg.
The young man had a weakness for ice cream, and when he heard the sound of the ice cream truck on his street he was overcome by an irresistible urge to break in to his savings to satisfy his ice cream addiction. As much as he wanted that mitt, the music and the promise of cold and creamy, sweet and savory swayed his resolve time and time again. One evening as he was saying his prayers, and wondering how to resolve his situation, he tacked on this simple request to his list of “God Blesses” – “Dear God, I want a baseball mitt so please keep the ice cream truck off of my street.”


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