Chicken Feed

There has been so much going on here as of late. The weather has just been incredible. Had a nice Spring rain last Sunday and the tomato plants doubled in size overnight. Spring has sprung and of course that means that tax season is coming into it’s full and juicy ripeness as well. Between Uncle Sam and our governor they have dibs on my post tithed income for the next month. I probably shouldn’t complain about funding our state and federal people and programs. We have the best country in the world, but a few more people could be picking up some slack on both sides of the tax equation.
In addition to my fiscal debt I have gone in to partnership with some folks to start raising chickens. I am providing some unused ground in my yard for the coop and the run. They are providing the know how from their farm experience 30 years ago in Kansas.
We bought 25 chicks. Half of them Rhode Island Reds, and the remainder White Leghorns. The hatchery also sent a free baby chick of unknown ancestry. We do know it has feathers all the way down it’s legs to the ground. The grandkids have appropriately named this chick “Leg Warmers”. We also received a few boy chicks. Not sure how that is going to impact the neighborhood, but with all the gas powered lawn and sports equipment, atv’s, scooters, and leaf blowers that disturb the peace around here – I would think a few coque a doodle doo’s would be down right quaint.
I have heard, but can not bear veracity to stories that in the Apostle Peter’s later years that individuals would sneak up behind him and let loose a loud rooster crow. If it’s true, I would imagine Peter would have handled it with Grace.
I’m looking forward, at this point, to the construction of the coop and the daily antics of this flock of fowl. I’m city born and city raised, but my Mom was a farmer’s daughter. Hoping some of that BNA and DNA got passed on to me, (BNA – that’s Barnyard Natural Ability).
Having read up on what it takes to repair a torn meniscus I figure I will have sufficient time to become an observant if not proficient student of chick-a-cology over the next few months. Maybe that’s premature, as I haven’t met with the Orthopedic doctor and heard his words of wisdom – yet.
I wonder, sometimes, if God gave Paul a head’s up when He wanted him to slow down an write out a few short epistles. Or, like Job – did Paul just find himself in the midst of his circumstances? Like you, like me do the events of our lives surround us and with no warning sometimes overwhelm us. May God give us the Grace to lift our voices in songs of praise even when life takes our breath away.


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