Mix Master

Big StormIn days gone by when I was just a little wet behind the ears my Mother encouraged me with her voice and her purse to take the Evelyn Wood speed reading course. Back then the internet was non-existent. You actually had to go to a classroom and be taught the techniques by a real person. Today, of course, you can google “Evelyn Wood” or “Reading Dynamics” and be funneled to a page of likely results, and a number of internet entities seeking your dollars in exchange for the secrets to speed reading – all pristinely packaged on a DVD. I am not writing this as an advertisement for such, but more as a precursor to a chain of events. In my maturity, and now post becoming a new creation – I can see the fingerprints of God all over those life events.

By the way, EWRD really works.

One of the exercises that the technique teaches is the mapping of major and then minor ideas of the books, chapter, paragraphs, and sentences of the material your eyes take in as you “read”. It’s an acquired skill and one that I have used in other ways in my life. In it’s simplest form mapping looks like a large capital “E” with a 45 degree slant from bottom left to upper right. I always write the main point along the back of the “E”, and any sub points on the arms of the “E”. Usually my E takes up an entire sheet of paper so I have room to add many fingers to the arms of the E. The diagram can be as simple or as detailed as your need to retain the information you are reading, and comprehension with this method is fantastic. That is why I can tell you many of the details of a book I read in my 20’s.

Maybe because Hurricane Issac is bearing down on the gulf coast, or maybe because the landfall predictions are being compared to one of the most devastating storms in recent history – Katrina – my recall has been energized.

I read a whole series of books on Hurricanes as an exercise for the Evelyn Wood method. I think there were three of four books from the public library that I read in short order.  And mapped the books and the details. Speed reading is kind of like watching a movie. You are not getting every word, but ideas form and take shape as mental images. The idea that was most interesting to me from my reading was that: “a rise in temperature of 2 degrees in the waters in the gulf of Mexico” or in other bodies of water is one of the major indications that a hurricane will be forth coming. To me, that is “interesting” – valid raw data, another piece of trivia, another nugget of knowledge that gets squirreled away in the wrinkled grey matter of my alter ego “Mr. Spock”.

Skip forward a couple of decades…God’s hand has continuously shaped me and now I have been given the Grace by Faith to the saving of my soul. The new life that He now lives in me has given me the mind of Christ. I see that His hand is on everything all the time. I now realize that the human body is made up of systems. Circulatory, digestive, nervous, reproductive, endocrine all designed by the divine designer. The earth itself has many like systems to maintain it’s health. Rivers flow to the ocean, the Sun warms the great bodies of water which in turn evaporate into the clouds, that bring rain upon the earth.

When a great body of water’s temp goes up 2 degrees the oxygen content goes down. The sea life has less oxygen and if left unchecked this could become catastrophic for the fish of the sea and whatsoever passes through the paths of the seas. What to do? Why not design a way to aerate that water to get oxygen back in? We do this all the time when mixing batters with our mix masters. God just does it on a grander scale.

Let’s just praise the eternal one.

Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.


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I was born, then I was born again.
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