If I only had a heart

Doncha just love those punky little guys singing their welcome to Dorothy.  Their voices, no doubt, altered by the technology of the time into a popeyesque vibrato as they bashfully belt out their lyric of love and appreciation.  Our heroine has just landed her house on the wicked witch and removed  some ruby red slippers from the curled up corpse.  She has taken her life and her power, and now has the full munchkinland ensemble wrapped around her little finger.  BTW – the scene has gone from moody, tempest tossed tornado timbre to technicolor – I know you remember this, but sometimes our memories lose hue and saturation with time.  Although my GreatGrandMother is said to have recieved “second sight” in her later years.  She was able to see, and read like she did when she was young, and at one point her eyes had gotten so bad she needed a magnifying glass to read the headline in the newspaper, but I chase a rabbit – that is a story for another time, Alice.

The point, hmmmmmmmmmmm?

Is not the scene a metafour or five for the salvation experience?

The dark, dangerous days of living in the world with pigs (unclean animals) is through an incredible power, and series of experience been transformed as we move our house from one realm to the next.  The death of the old man, and the power of Satan is broken, not by anything that we have done, but by the power of the author and finisher of our salvation. A force we can not understand has brought these things to fruition.

Now all the citizens of our new land rejoice and welcome us, and who is to say that the angels of heaven are not little people?  When I was a fairly new Christian I was walking downtown and talking to God about the diversity of life.  Silly me, I said: “Lord, how amazing is the diversity of life you have created.  I think I have seen every type of creature from all ends of the spectrum, in fact I have seen everyone except for a female, negro, midget.”  The very next day I was walking in the same exact area of the city when out of the park across the street came, yes I sware its true, as I live and breathe a black, female, adult little person.  It still amazes me to this day that God sequenced a zillion events to show me His awesome ability.  I didn’t ask for proof of any of that, He just did it because He loves me.

Through many dangers, toils, and snares I have already come.

Tis grace that brought me safe thus far

and grace shall lead me home.

And you won’t have to click yer heels together.


About tnman

I was born, then I was born again.
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