Le Deux – day two of XXI

Ok, so I’m strange. It has it’s advantages. Mostly because you never get asked to babysit, or help wash and dry the fine china. “I don’t know how many times I’ve told you. Those dishes are for company.  Your Great Aunt’s second cousin’s Grandmother gave us……” I don’t remember the rest of how that goes, because I stopped listening.  I discovered early in life that what they were really saying was: “oh, no. That’s OK. I’ll do it.” No doubt it was one of my elementary school teachers that invented “The short bus”, but by then it was too late.
So, I’m just checking in on my 21 day journey. It’s going surprisingly well. I had a vitamix shake for breakfast. A full cup of Kirkland TriBerry with 3 scoops of SP Complete Dairy Free. The water, the ice, the swirling vortex…looked about the same as the beet roughie¹ I made yesterday, but with a bit of sweetness that still doesn’t quite cover the powdered chernobyl taste. After review, I think it will be a challenge to find a combination that is legal in the lower 48 that will mask that je ne sais quoi.

“Je ne sais quoi” is the french equivalent of the Bible word “Manna”. You can find this reference in Exodus 16:15 if you have a Bible, or there’s always google. The French, of course are more sophisticated, more romantic, and more pompous. It takes them four words to say “Huh?” But then again they use it to make “whatever” sound more ephemeral, and tres mysterious. Pretty darn near metaphysical.
Hey! Any region that can give us French Bread, French Toast, and French Fries is metaphysical in my book. No wonder the French are known for their culinary expertise. It’s like a triple bypass on a plate. And don’t skimp on the butter for the bread, syrup for the toast, and salt for them deep fried potatoes. Merci!
So, you can see where my thoughts have turned …

To continue…
For my midday meal today I had a plate of romaine lettuce, half an onion, a quarter cup of chopped red pepper, and a grind of ginger. I topped it with Pompeii Red wine vinegar and Trader Joe’s premium Extra virgin olive oil, added a teaspoon of Grey Poupon, a dash of white pepper, another dash of tumeric, and a half dash of cumin – shaken, not stirred. Oh, My who would have thought rabbit food could be so double oh seven? I will certainly attend the same matinee tomorrow.

Dinner tonight consisted of half a sweet potato, half a dozen brussel spouts halved, half an onion, cauliflower (bite size) and a carrot roughly chopped in to 2 inch pieces.  All this was roasted, and then plated with Kerrygold Organic butter, and a slosh of Kirkland Balsamic Vinegar.  Another meal that was a feast for the tongue.  The sweet potato was perfect, the sprouts just a bit brown and crunchy, and the cauliflower nicely roasted. Don’t know if the sweet potato or the sprouts were my favorite, but they will be on the menu before you can say “jiminy-cricket”. Well maybe not that fast.




Roughie¹ The direct opposite of a smoothie.


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