On the third day of SP

Today is day three, so your mental exercise for the day is to recount as many famous or infamous threesomes as you can. Living, dead, or fictional.

Ole King Cole
No googgling until you have your list. I’ll start you out: “Ole King Cole was a merry ole soul and a merry ole soul was he. He called for his pipe, and he called for his bowl, and he called for:  ___ _______ three

I am writing this day to report that I have had headaches every night, for the last three nights. Also have had trouble falling asleep. The good news is that Excedrin knocks the headache down and out in very little time. Whether the headache is caused by not drinking enough water or taking the capsules too close to bed time, or is just part of the process – I can’t really say. I will endeavor to drink more water, but at this point I’m developing a hump from the copious amounts of water I have been guzzling. Also will try to get my 30 caps ingested before 7 P.M. to see if that helps with falling asleep. I guess I should say I have not been taking my mid-morning nap since starting on the regimen, so that is one big change in my rather drudgery life. Also I just finished cleaning the kitchen counter tops, stove, and range hood. I won’t get too graphic, but jiffy lube probably could have recycled the grease that came off the stove back splash and range hood to do a complete under-carriage on a deuce and a half. All those wonderful stir fries with sesame oil have created quite the oil slick. Not as bad as the Exxon Valdez, but only deficient by a metric ton.

Have enjoyed eating these vegetarian meals, with the exception of the shakes. Just not enthused with the protein powder’s overwhelming taste. The ginger really helped, as did the lemon, but went a bit overboard, and will try again tomorrow with half as much of each. I suppose I added the same amount of ginger as the last joint of a little finger, and a whole peeled lemon. (note to self, next time remove all the seeds from the lemon). While the Vitamix is a wondrous appliance, it wasn’t able to vaporize the lemon seeds. It did manage to make all of the fibrous ginger disappear, leaving only the taste.

Mostly I feel great, and no nagging pain in the hips or knees, just a bit of congestion in the nose. Over all the sense of well being is worth gagging on a shake or two every day.

May be too early to start contemplating a batch of real protein, since this is day three, and that is not allowed til day 11. Never the less, I will keep drawing drumsticks, and sirloins in my daily doodles. I reread the booklet for the third or fourth time, and it says on day 11 the program allows 2 to 4 servings of protein daily. The trick is a serving is the size of a deck of cards.
Still, a nice yellowfin tuna, swordfish, or salmon steak will be a welcome addition by then. I don’t think the program is too keen on grilling, although broiled is allowed. Don’t really understand the difference except for the fuel used to heat the meat. This program is doomed to failure if grilling is forbidden. This is America, after all.


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6 Responses to On the third day of SP

  1. J. says:

    Glad you have made it to day 3! Hopefully the headaches will let up. What does SP stand for? I think grilling can be carcinogenic, perhaps that’s why the diet eliminates it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nalini-chilkov/grilling-health_b_1796567.html
    Only 18 more days to go…and we all know how fast a week can fly by!

  2. tnman says:

    SP is my shorthand for “Standard Process”. There is a link to their website on the day one post.
    They make the products that are part of this 21 day purification. I decided it was time to try another program, as I gave up trying to be a lifetime member of WW.

    • J. says:

      Duh! Missed that little bit of info, although, I am barely awake at this point! It’s more likely the headaches are from detox and that would be a good thing! I’m not giving up on WW’s yet, but I am having a conflict with the meeting time and ladies Bible study. I pray this program works well for you! Where will we live if we lose our health?!

  3. tnman says:

    As I recall you are a lifetime member of ww, no? And I seem to recall you were bombarded with headaches when last I read your WW comments. Where are you guys ministering now?

    • J. says:

      Yes, I am Lifetime, hanging on for dear life, LOL! Still dealing with 30+ years of headaches/migraine; the book “Heal Your Headache” has helped me the most after all these years! We ministered in a wee town in SD in March, hubby & I want to do some circuit rider trips this summer. Meanwhile, he writes an e-Devotional each month!

  4. tnman says:

    I did a walkabout last summer. Drove North from Phoenix to Payson for a two night visit with some friends. Then North to Bryce Canyon to see all the tour buses from Germany, Italy, and Sweden. The chipmunks don’t seem to care what language you speak, as long as you have treats. Spent one night there, and then drove past the Gran Tetons, Yellowstone, and spent a nasty rainy night in Bozeman, Montana. The hotel only had one room left, and it was a smoking room. Woke up the next morning with quite a buzz, and head banger of a headache.
    It rained all the way from Bozeman to Moses Lake. Drove thru to Seattle to see my brother. Boy, was he ever surprised when I showed up on his back porch. Spent 10 days with him, another two with an Aunt in Oregon, and then one night in Bakersfield before coming home to another summer in Arizona. Don’t know what I’ll do this year, maybe just hole up.

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