Day Six

Much better today than yesterday. I won’t retrace day five, but suffice it to say it was the most difficult of any of the days so far.

Today I was looking for a new way to add some tastiness to my morning shake. I read in the booklet that it was fine to add a scoop of whey protein to the shake to increase the satiability to help you feel full for a longer period of time. As you might remember the shake I had Sunday wore off before noon. I didn’t have any whey protein powder and I sure am way too cheap to go out a plunk down a hundred bucks to buy a canister. Man, they think a lot of their product. I remembered I did have some soy protein powder left over from my Herbalife days. So in the mix it went, a whole scoop, and the taste was even better than the best I have made to date. The vanilla really sweetened the shake and the ginger was just barely there.
Then I read the ingredients list of what makes up Herbalife Protein Vanilla.  I don’t think soy or soy byproducts is on the list of favored, or allowed substances on SP detox, purify, reset, blah, blah, buzz word. I probably won’t be breaking the rules in that particular fashion again…even though the shake was wonderful. At least, not on the restrictive dietary phase of the plan, however it will be possible on day 11 to add that without any alarms going off.
Yesterday was a day of pushing water. I did fill up my jug twice, and nearly consumed the second portion. The result was certain to make any potty training parent smile. That is so strange when you think about that whole process. It’s as if the child is saying “Look Mom, look what I made just for you!” No wonder our Mom’s keep every scrap, and fragment of crayola-ed parchment, every toothpicked, Popsicle sticked, and macaroni montaged menagerie we ever bring to them. It’s, by far, the better alternative.

I tried, feebly, to go for a walk yesterday. I am still limited due to severe pain in my hips.  It was all I could do to complete a ten minute walk.  My hips started complaining about half way.  I  remember thinking; “Should I just turn around, or do I keep on?” I should have turned around, but I kept on.  Don’t have any issues bike riding, but more than half a mile walking is dreadful.

Had some roasted asparagus, and brussel sprouts for lunch.  Also roasted a few beets, and sweet potatoes.  I ate one of the sweet potato portions with the asparagus and sprouts. Tasty and filling.

For Dinner I made a green salad with onion, bell pepper, sliced roasted beet, quinoa, and a vinaigrette I made with olive oil, red wine vinegar, turmeric, cumin seed, mustard, salt and pepper.

Had to turn down the Pastor’s chili for the pre-visitation meal.  Not easy, because he makes really good chili.  Nobody asked a lot of questions about my not partaking. It’s not a secret, but church people aren’t likely to push if they think you may be fasting. Fasting, like praying, and giving are to be done in secret, and they respect that even if that is not what is really happening.

In conclusion:

I need to do a better job of reading labels before haphazardly adding products to my meals.

I am feeling better every day, but my joint problems are still significant. I still have problems dropping off to sleep even when taking the last dose of the caps by 4:30 P.M.

I don’t miss eating “normal”. I don’t miss the bread, the pasta, the Honey Bunches of Oats with cold milk. I do miss pizza.  I think I need to do a lot more research on the ingredients that go in to making dough. Especially the flour. But there is lots of time for that because wheat will be the last thing I will reintroduce. I expect to learn a lot more from my naturopath by the weekend.

Lastly: Water is critical.  No kidding. No fooling around. Push, push, push the water. When they say “half your body weight in water” that’s a good starting point.



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