Seven come eleven

I don’t know which is the bigger gamble: Eating the way I have always eaten, or making a break from the past and it’s tried, tested and loved food groups. For those of us who want to live out our golden years with as much of our memories, and motor skills as possible – I think it is imperative that we don’t keep eating the USDA pyramid of foods that has given our Senior citizens Alzheimer’s, and our young people ADHD. I’m sure all of us could list a whole alphabet soup of medical conditions that have become common place in our society today.  Long gone are the family farms and victory gardens of yesteryear.

No matter how you slice it, what we eat dictates our health.

It only takes a quick bit of internet research to find that we have added two categories above obese to our American Public weight/Body mass demographic. We are not just obese, but just a few years ago morbidly obese overtook that category. And Morbidly, morbidly obese is now poking it’s distended belly into the charts. I heard today that 30% of people over the age of 30 are on some type of prescription medication. One out of three is contributing to the enrichment of our medical doctors and the pharmaceutical companies. When one of those drug company commercials come on the television, I am always amazed at the long list of side effects that are possible…” and may include death”.  What? Death is a side effect of a pill, patch, or potion? Sadly, yes.

And I can bet you that the growers and the producers of our daily bread are tracking their profits as well. It’s becoming almost a misnomer to call them producers, when so much of what comes from the grocery is in a tin can or a cardboard box. If you read the ingredients list of your box of lasagna, or crescent rolls aloud – your friends and neighbors won’t be able to tell you if you were describing a flower, fruit, or vegetable, or furniture polish.

As for me and my new daily routing: there is not much change in the fruits and vegetables I have been consuming since I began this process.
Still made a shake for my first meal in the morning. Made it pretty much boring, your basic berry slurry. Left out the honey, and the vanilla soy protein. (read, I left out the verboten flavorings). I must be getting used to the taste, because it was only slightly bitter, and I had no problem draining the contents.

Had a leftover quarter of a sweet potato, and about of cup of quinoa for lunch. Wasn’t in the mood to roast vegetables today or even pull together a salad. Don’t seem to have much of an appetite. I went for a bike ride at 5:30 this morning while it was still cool, and it was something I hope to be able to repeat on subsequent mornings. The afternoons and evenings are just too hot to make a bike ride fun. Makes it feel more like work.

Continue to push water. Already finished the first 54 ounces, and have made a considerable dent in the second. I have a rant on water producers, but I will keep it to myself. (for now)

Here is a link to a downloadable PDF file of the course materials.  It was from here that I made the Coconut Quinoa recipe today.  It found on the Day 11 page.  I am relatively new to quinoa, but I am trying out a different brand of quinoa from Costco.  I have a large quantity on order from, but it won’t be delivered til Saturday. Both sources say they are organic. I didn’t have to rinse either brand, which is a plus for me. Still discovering, and learning my way around.



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