What I ate on day eight

It’s been a busy, crazy day.

Busy because Thursday is laundry day. Always has been, and probably always will be. The washer and the dryer don’t get the workout they did when I was a worki’n man. “Work Clothes” as a spoken phrase has fallen into disuse. I also had a visit from the Granddaughters. There’s not much for a nine year old and a six year old to do around here. They collected the eggs from the chickens, except for the old biddy who wouldn’t budge off hers. Chickens have been off production for the last little while. They are starting to make a comeback, and delivered 5 eggs today. Yesterday it was four, and two days ago it was two or three. Hopefully all eight will restart.
Tried to get the Granddaughters interested in the old family photo albums, but they only complained about how heavy they were. This generation is used to viewing their photos on their phone. How quaint, Grandpa, a photo album. Really?

Today is day eight. According to the instructions the 7 caps of SP Cleanse three times a day is replaced by SP Green Food (5 caps 2X a day). I guess I should have figured it out when I went to take my batch of seven this morning and only three caps came rolling out. I thought I had been short changed until I went back and reread the pamphlet for the 8th or 9th time. Yes, that was the plan all along.  The SP Green Food caps don’t have the same smell as the SP Cleanse caps.  The Cleanse also produced a quasi-heartburn – probably because when you try to take 7 all at once, some of them don’t get all the way to the pit of your stomach.  For little gel caps that are so slippery when dry, they get stuck part way down when wet.  Anyway, I am grateful for the change, and am even more excited to get to day 11 when I can add a lean meat to my intake. That will be Sunday June 1st, but whose counting?

I have been struggling a little bit with finding an appetite.  I still enjoy the salads, and the stir frys.  The shakes are no longer a problem either.  I did have a whole banana, with honey and a packet of Truvia for a snack today.  Yes, I enjoyed it very much while watching a Papa John’s commercial. I’ve also had a large romaine salad, and a blueberry shake today.  Got a good deal on berries, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts at Costco this week.  With the appetite being what it is I took in less than 1000 calories today, but 148 of that was carbohydrates.  Not sustainable, for sure.  I haven’t lost any weight the last two days, but I have dropped 8 on the scale since day one.  I am pretty sure most of that was water, because I have been spending an inordinate amount of time in the privy.

My suggestion to anyone considering this SP 21 day cleanse is to invest in a 48 pack of Tp. You won’t be sorry.th


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