Day Nine (and things are fine)

Despite living a long life of meat, potatoes, bread and peanut butter, and having the bodacious body to show for it, the changeling I have become seems to thrive, yes, even enjoy this plant based approach to the nutritional side of life.

If you would have told me nine days ago that I would be consuming mostly green foods, and not be a prisoner in Sheriff Joe’s place, it would have sent your credibility to a subterranean new low. For those of you not familiar with Maricopa County’s Sheriff; he feeds or has fed his inmates bologna sandwiches, and occasionally the bologna is green. He also took away their coffee, and their girlie magazines.  It is jail, after all.

Took my morning shake late today, as I went to my new naturopath. I wanted to be able to get some fasting blood work done if needed.  I had a real nice hour long chat with him. That’s more time talking to a doctor than Ive spent in ten years of appointments with an m.d. I am pretty satisfied that the time he spent with me is going to help get some of my symptoms cleared up.  I did sit for a blood draw. Let me tell you that I have the smallest, hardest to find capillaries of any Neanderthal currently on this pretty blue ball.  My lab tech today was outstanding. Drew blood on the first stick.  Of course he then proceeded to fill up a number of glass tubes.  I specifically asked for a food allergen panel.  My doctor specifically wanted and ordered a candida set.  He feels, with what I told him, that I have too much yeast.

Mineral, Wa

The farm

Seems like I heard something similar about 55 years ago from my Grandmother.   When my brother and I were children and spending the night at the farm…there was no heat upstairs in that old farm house.  My brother and I slept in the same bed. I think Mom put about sixty or seventy quilts on us.  The sheer weight was paralyzing. We could not have gotten out of bed if the boogie man showed up in full regalia and began singing and moonwalking like Michael Jackson.  In the morning someone would come rescue us, and my brother would be covered with teensie little bug bites. I would have zero.  Hence, the wise words of my Grandmother. “You’re too sour”.  Maybe my yeast problem is a life long problem diagnosed by my Grandmother.

I was happy, very happy to see the scale move down again today. After remaining unmoved yesterday, it was quite a relief. I would hate to think I would be committing myself to this nutritional life if it didn’t pay dividends in the weight loss column.

So the next milestone is still this coming Sunday, June 1st.  That will be day eleven and the day when a bit of meat is allowed.  Guess I’ll either have to shop, or defrost.  I know I have some salmon in the freezer, just not sure how snow packed it is.  Maybe it’s time to hitch up the team and “mush” like Sgt. Preston of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He was quite a detective and he and his dog “King” always closed the case. But speaking of the Nor’easter like estate of my glacial ice flow – I have no doubt about the “who done it”, it’s more a mystery of “What is it?”


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