Deca dense

So Day Ten is pretty unremarkable.  Ate veggies for breakfast, chopped half a beet and added it to my quinoa for lunch, and had a shake for dinner.  Snacked on a honey covered banana.

Nothing new or earth shattering to report.  The day has gone along fine. It’s as if I am falling into a new routine.  Have not been bothered with overwhelming hunger pangs, not have I had any really nasty symptoms.  I don’t know what to attribute those things to, but I will happily accept the continued weight loss, the new belt notches I have achieved, and the looseness of my watch band as signs of progress.  These things are also a great encouragement.  As I have said in the past, it can be massively discouraging when effort is not repaid with progress.

I discovered several ziploc bags in my freezer that may or not be salmon.  Whatever they are, they are now in the fridge doing a slow defrost.  If all goes according to plan I will pan fry a couple filets tomorrow for one or two meals and see how my body responds to a portion of non-powdered protein.


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