What day is it?


It’s day twelve.

Went grocery shopping today.  I spent pretty much the whole trip in the produce department.  As I was unloading all my greens on the checkout belt it looked like I was only buying things in plastic bags.  It was nearly an embarrassment, people know I shop at this store because of the gas rewards, but to the untrained eye it may look as if I am trying to hoard as many plastic produce bags as I can.  I also bought some lamb and pork from the meat department, but the rest of the store had nothing for me.  I no longer spend time in the middle aisles, or the bakery. And the dairy aisle is a mystical land, distant and unvisited. Perhaps, one day in the not too distant future I will venture there again. Well, if I win the lottery.  Beef and dairy are so expensive.  No wonder the major banks have set up offices in grocery stores.  Now you can get a loan to buy some yogurt, or a 30 year mortgage on a grass fed steak.

I downloaded the list of the “dirty dozen” fruits and vegetables for 2014.  This, of course, is the list of the most pesticided, herbicided, and fertilized crops available in a store near you. The crops, not the list. If I am going to be eating mostly vegetables and fruits, I want to at least, eat the cleanest and safest ones I can obtain.  Not hard to google the list if you at all care.  Hey, who knows what lurks in the systems of our “green and yellow buddies”¹? I can never stop wondering when I choose to buy organic if what I am actually purchasing is a bag of wool that has been pulled over my eyes.  Trust the food industry? Trust honesty in labeling? What have we come to in our society today?  I never thought I would say this but I miss the days when my Mom would say: “Eat it. It’s good for you.”






green and yellow buddies¹ from an old and very weird song by Frank Zappa.


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