Day XV

Arose from my bed late, and started in on the laundry.  Every movement was made with great effort, the muscle fatigue caused me to stop what I was doing and just sit down.  It honestly felt like a case of the flu, except without the fever, the upset stomach, and the sinus activity.  Praise God for small favors.  I googled my symptoms, and after crossing the first few probable causes off my list I decided I had under consumed sufficient calories to keep my body out of starvation mode.

There seems to be a nasty delicate balance between eating too much, and not enough.  If I eat too much, I retain weight, if I eat too little, I retain weight because the body thinks it’s being starved.  A starved body will attempt to stave of death by storing everything that’s consumed.

I decided to take some vitamin D, and eat some avocado, tomatoes, garlic, onion, lime juice, topped with chopped cilantro.  I tried eating it on celery to get that crunch sound similar to that which would be made by eating it on corn chips.  That didn’t work out so well, as the celery was so stringy, I hacked up a celery ball…so I abandoned the celery and took up with a spoon.  No crunch, but an effective tool none the less.  If you are in a bad bout of muscle fatigue it should be your weapon of choice.  The faster you can deliver the goodness, the faster the recovery. Err, that’s my theory.

Now I’m starting to think about planning what I will make as my first meat on day 22.  Eggs? Maybe a veggie omelette?



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