Ramming Speed – Day 16

Certainly I felt better today than yesterday. Woke up without muscle fatigue, and that was a great plus.

Made a shake for breakfast; triple berry from Costco was the primary ingredient. Did have a bout or two of lightheadedness between 9 A.M. and noon. I checked my blood pressure and it was fine at 125/79. That’s been my new normal since resuming all my medications. That’s been awhile now, and I seem to have less headaches and such with the BP under control.

I can’t help but wonder if the lightheadedness is not because of this detox and whatever interaction it is having with the BP meds. Since my pressure is reading normal, I suppose I can’t really point a finger in that direction.

Had lunch rather late – around 2 P.M. By then all the lightheadedness had disappeared. Made a nice little stir fry with cabbage, cauliflower, onions, and yellowfin tuna. I was surprised to find out that tuna is not as fatty as salmon, no, not by a long shot. Calories, carbs, and protein are pretty close. Salmon has 25 fat grams per 6 oz portion, Yellowfin for the same portion size has 1. Yeah, could have hit me with a brick. The fish that they want you to eat on this detox are all deep water fatty fish. ie Salmon, Sea Bass and Cod. I’m sure that is not for the protein content, but for the fat content, and possibly the omegas.

Dinner was Quinoa with Olive Oil, and Balsamic. All in all I did pretty well today getting up closer to my caloric goal, went over a bit on the carbs, and fell pretty short on the fiber. The goal for fiber is 30 grams, and I am under by 10 grams. You would think with all the cruciferous vegetables I have been consuming that fiber would not be off that much.

I believe I got my fair share of water today, and even managed a bike ride this evening as the sun was sinking low. The temps were hot, but when the bike starts to move the breeze causes a coolness that makes is seem less. They are calling for a temp of 110° on Monday. Oh, happy day. How fast will I have to ride to get a cooling breeze out of that?


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