Update #17

Weary, not worn out weary.

But after almost three weeks of this Standard Process detox, I am starting to get a hankering for a food group other than vegetables and protein shakes. The shakes have been a challenging learning experience, but it wasn’t all that difficult to find a combination that is palatable. I mean, I am not going to start drooling in the future, every time I hear the vitamix grind the ice cubes, but I have learned to be content with the shake as a food group.
There are a number of foods I am beginning to see in my mind’s eye:  Refried beans with melted cheese, salsa, and sour cream is just one of those things. A batch of salty corn chips would go nicely with this vision. While I enjoy having an occasional sweet potatoe now, a real heap of russets, reds, or Yukon Gold’s would be really nice. I guess I’m a self-confessed starch-aholic. Carbs, man, carbs.

Perhaps the problem with my life is that I am over-carbureted. Too much fuel for the engine to handle. The unburned stuff gets left in the tank.

So, yet another typical day: I did manage to have a piece of salmon that expressly said on the label in big red letters “Remove product from package before thawing“.  “Before” being the operative word.  As Murphy’s law would dictate, that particular phrase was not recognized, processed, and decoded by my brain until after the product was thawed.  It smelled fine as I was pan frying, but a taste test proved the validity of the warning. It had a distinct plastic-y taste that was just plain nasty. I solved the problem by shredding it into my steamed cabbage and broccoli. I should have just tossed it, but I wasn’t about to waste the protein.  No after or side effects, and I am grateful for that. Plastic is not a food group for a reason.

That’s it. Tomorrow is Sunday and the busies day of the week for me.  Need to get some rack time, so I can shine in the morning.


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