If this were a golf course I would have been finished – day 19

As much as I enjoy this fresh style of eating, it becomes more and more apparent as day 21 approaches, that the need for some more variety is calling louder and louder. So I’m thinki’n… Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors!

Added to my larder today by making a stop at Sprout’s.  Filled my cart with all sorts of produce, but did not venture out into the unknown.  I was tempted by the endive, and had a short discussion in Spanish with a lady who was buying chayote.  In short, she said you need to peel it, and boil it, and it tastes like a potato.  I’m always a little bit standoffish when a food is described as tasting “like” a food group I am already very fond of.  If it’s going to taste like potatoes, why not just buy potatoes? I would much rather support the undocumented agricultural workers in Idaho, than their cousins in Guadalajara.

I believe that there is a certain age where a person has “discovered” all the food groups he is ever going to cook and prepare for his table.  Yes, I admit, I came to avocados very late in life.  And while I appreciate the thing, especially for it’s nutritional value, I could honestly live the rest of my life without it.  Having to live without potatoes…(shudder). The very thought calls up darkened, despised, and malodorous visions of the Irish Potato famine. Blame it on my Irish roots.  The Irish: simple tastes, because as the saying goes “an Irishman’s idea of a 7 course meal is a six-pack and a potato.”

Well, it looks like I have strayed from my habitual, and rather bland description of my 21 days of detox.  There is really nothing new under the sun.  Started back on the capsules today, and have eaten a couple of chicken tenders that were added to my traditional stir fries.  I finished off some quinoa and yellowfin that was taking up precious space in an already overcrowded icebox. And I went an entire day without a shake. (and I feel fine, really.)

Coming down to the end of the road, and still undecided about what to bring back on the breakfast plate on day 22.  I’m still thinking “eggs”.





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