20 down 1 to go

I’m actually semi-agitated regarding tomorrow.  Actually tomorrow is not what concerns me, it’s the day after. I really don’t want to misstep into day zero after day 21.  This style of eating has been labeled “clean eating” by several of the folks who have trodden this path before me.  As much as they all have said the 21 day process is amazing, and they never felt better, they all seem to go into their new beginning by bingeing on foods that are least likely to produce the same level of well being they had just attained.  Out the window goes the veggie to fruit 2 to 1 ratio, portion control, and the sugar plum fairy gives them a full body slam.  I know myself, and I know I have less will power than these trail blazers. So, call it what you will, nerves, trepidation, fear or cowardice – it’s come to stalk my future.

Some will tell you that a little fear is a good thing.  They usually tell you that from the comfort and safety of a bar stool or arm chair. While that certainly does not invalidate the axiom, it comes coated with a sprinkle of salt. ” Fore-warned is for armed” can pull up a chair and make nice in this conversation with no trouble at all.  Jesus said “Don’t worry about tomorrow, sufficient is the evil that you will encounter when you get there.” That’s not exact, but the flavor is nearly correct. But I don’t feel I have over thought what comes next.  If anything, I don’t really have a plan.  For the past 20 days the plan, ze plan – I feel like “Tattoo” from the opening of “Fantasy Island”: “ze plane, ze plane” has morphed into “ze plan, ze plan”. The plan has been everything, and now I am facing a tomorrow without a plan.  “Failure to plan is planning to fail”. Yikes, I’m just covered in platitudes, aren’t I?

I was hoping to have my food allergy results back, but that appears to be a false hope.  Maybe tomorrow I will get a bit more organized and create a food re-introduction schedule/plan.  I truly appreciate “MyFitnessPal.com” for giving me the tools to track my nutrition, and exercise.  It also provides really good feedback on the complicated process of tracking the feeding of my human body. There is, additionally, the ability to go back in time and review the things you have eaten and plot that against the way your body has responded in terms of weight and body measurements.  Did I mention – it’s free. Much appreciation to the folks who design, and maintain the site.

If I could just get on my soapbox for a couple of minutes, I know I would feel a sense of relief.

Every nutrition book, and a large number of nutrition videos have cited the way cavemen ate.  The authors, and film makers are usually from the “science” of nutrition side of the universe.  To them, science is bought and paid for by Dawinian Evolution.  They have their carbon dated digs from 8 gazillion, trillion years ago to give historical evidence of the first pre-humans organic consumption, right up to the first Fred Flintstones brontosaurus steak.  Some tell us we have the digestive system of a herbivore.  While I may look like I have four stomachs, I can assure you that I only have one.  If you can smell bacon frying, and not almost wet yourself, then you are the seed of a being from another world. Live long and prosper.  I, myself, have long ago lost faith in Darwin, when I realized that the spew of a volcano does not build a metropolis. No, it destroys everything in it’s path. Nothing in the universe is getting more organized.  Chickens have baby chicks, cows have calves, horses have colts.  Whales don’t produce seals, and lizards don’t grow feathers.  Apple trees produce apples, sunflower seeds produce sunflowers, weeds still grow without encouragement.

I will not expect you to believe what I believe about the creation of the universe, the earth, and man himself.  I can not sway by argument which is truth “Evolution or Creation.” But my prayer is that you would read the first three chapters of The Bible, and contrast that with “origin of the species”.  Then consider which more closely fits the evidence of the world around you.


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I was born, then I was born again.
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