JFSchoolDays56A new day – a new opportunity.  Today was a day like when I was in grade school, and I awoke with the thought of the school day ahead of me, only to realize it was the first day of Summer vacation.  It’s amazing how a change of plans can effect a change of attitude.  Today was like that.  So many possibilities were and are before me.  As the lessons of the school year became lost from focus, they still left a underpinning that has never been lost.

I feel that way about the lessons of my last 21 days.  I never felt deprived, or unable to find a correct way to mitigate my gnawing hunger.  I had stir frys, and roasted vegetables, green salads with homemade vinaigrettes. I never felt I was looking into the refrigerator and seeing “nothing to eat”. I never had that feeling in the last 21 days – that there was something: that “it” that I just couldn’t put my finger on.  I have in foregone days searched through the fridge, and freezer, and pantry multiple times, like a circuit rider – looking for “it”.

Now that the food choices are exponentially expanded I ‘m more selective about what I will allow in.  I am going to keep a vigilant watch for HFC, white sugar, wheat/white flour and any ingredient that comes with a color or a number.  And if it comes with both a color and a number it is really on the Not Welcome list.  Sorry Yellow dye #5, you are banished, and so are your numerous rainbow cousins.

I did have my veggie omelette this morning. No cheese was lost or damaged in the preparation thereof. I decided it would be best if I only added one new ingredient to my diet on my first day back.  It would have been better with cheese, and held together better also. I had no problem wolfing it down, and no problems with digestion, or weird side effects. No headache, no stuffiness, no bulging eyes or zombie-like movements. I felt very comfortable with the meal, not too full, and not running on empty.  I did have the return of the lightheadedness.  I chalked it up to the minimalist way I ate yesterday, but just to be safe I took my blood pressure, and it was low.  So low, in fact, I had to google the range of healthy blood pressure.  Did you know that the internet basically states that there is no such thing as low blood pressure?  Anyway mine was 113/70.  I have never had a 113 reading in my life.  I took it again a few moments later, and it was pretty much the same. So now I am asking myself it I should cut back on some of the meds I’m taking. The jury is still out.  I think I’m going to wait a few days to see what eating semi-normally again will conjure up.

By the time I had my muffin in a minute for lunch all those symptoms had passed.  I also snacked on some organic trailmix. The trailmix came as a surprise package in my last order from  All in all I managed to stay pretty close to my designated caloric intake per My Fitness Pal’s website.  Another great thing about the various choices that abound around me is that I no longer have that vision of a cheese pizza perusing me in my nightly dreams and waking moments.


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