A Puppy, really?

You would think that mature individuals would be, well, mature.  After many years of life; experience would have, could have, should have marinated and distilled down into a pool of wisdom .  The successes and the failures, added together would give one a sense of accomplishment, and a calm assurance that no matter what battle or foe – the Good Lord has gotten us through it all, and not just once, or twice, but many a time. His promises to see us through to the end would become our daily reality and our confidence.  The peace that passes all understanding…while we still do not understand, but, after years of testing, have a working knowledge of it. And as God tests us, we in a “way of speaking” test Him, and we find that He is faithful, reliable, trustworthy.

Did I mention I bought a puppy?  What was I thinking? And if you are now asking what has the faithfulness of God got to do with a puppy, you have never owned a puppy.

My puppy is a female and she is a great hunter/gatherer.  This morning while she was marching her wiggle^waggle around the backyard –  she discovered the semi-dry carcass of a little bird.  Now I don’t know if the bird lost it’s life because it had failed to thrive in the nest, or if it took a kamikaze into one of the dual pane windows. It’s not uncommon to hear that hallow “thunk” followed by the sight of a near unconscious fledgling knocked senseless on the ground.  Matters not.  It was dead and a bit desiccated (dried out). However, now, despite being wet and soaked in puppy saliva it was not revived. I know I’m pushing the envelope of your “gross factor”, but if you have ever smelled the breath of a puppy that’s been masticating a dead bird, you will never forget it. It’s not near as putrid  as the death odor you find when you come across the remains of a gazelle that’s been run to ground by a predator, but it runs a close second.  Lets not linger.

So, my little hound is a Belgian Malinois (Mal-in-wha).  This  a  working breed that is smart, brave, loyal, and about 3/4 the size of a German Shepherd.  They tend to be employed with the military, or police, or border patrol applications.  They have a outstanding sense of smell, and have been trained to sniff out weapons, drugs, and dangerous items like explosives.  Did I mention their bite?  That is what they are really known for. Yeah, the pit bulls get all the mug shots at the post office and the bad press.  But the Belgian Malinois has the ability and the agility to put an adversary down. Once bitten they sing “I wish I was in the land of cotton.”  The idea is you would want to be anywhere but in the jaws of this dog.  Sorry, sometime I get a little obscure. I do have one question: If their sense of smell is so advanced and keen, how do they manage to suck on a dead bird and not gag?  One of the wonders of nature.

I have trained other breeds of dogs from the puppy stage. Some with success and a few were just too “out of their minds” that despite my best effort the extent of their learning ended with “when it was time to wake up and be fed”.  I had a Golden that was really starting to get the gist of training.  She was obedient, and eager to please.  She was real good at “fetch” and was starting to get the hang of dropping the ball at my feet. That’s when we got a second Golden, and my highly intelligent canine turned in to a dog.  Both of them together were funny to watch when they got fed.  They both had bowls of the same size, shape, color, form, texture and volume.  Despite separating them they would jealously stare down the other one as they ate as they rapidly and greedily as was possible. Then by some unspoken command they would rush upon the other one’s bowl.  They tried to eat their own bowl quickly, so as to not leave a speck for the other one.  It was quite a circus. They were also particularly good at unwinding a whole roll of toilet paper from the main bathroom and down the hall til it looked like Jeffy’s trail from the Family Circus comic strip. Their names were Darcy and Sophie, but we came to call Sophie “Dophie” cause she was a little short on comprehension and many, many other things.

We also owned a Keeshond for a little while.  She was a lovely female also.  She had the beautiful “mascara” around the eyes, and a tail that curled up over her back.  But she had a roving gene and would not stay in the backyard. She would jump up on the six foot wooden gate and get her front paws on the top crossbar.  She would then pull her back feet up to the crossbar, and the front feet would head for the ground on the other side.  I tried several “tricks” to foil her escape and she found a way around all of them.  Finally gave up on her, and took her to the Humane Society.  Got a phone call a week or so later.  Some guy wanted to adopt her, and wanted to know if she was good with kids, and such. Yes, I told him she was a great dog, but needed a large space to roam. Well, he had such a place with a raised front porch where she could lay in the shade. So I was happy she found a  new home where she could be happy.

Having attained this great age with a modicum of marinated wisdom, patience, and experience I must tell you this puppy is training me to follow her around with tea towels to blot up her sporadic pee’s and poo’s.  For the first few days it was the hallway that was the dumping ground.  As she got braver she moved to the kitchen, where there is tile, so all things being equal, it would be my second choice.  But she has branched out to the really nice La-z-boy carpeting.  Tomorrow we celebrate a week together.  Why does it feel so much longer?

File Jun 17, 11 23 04 PM

Leisel or maybe lethal. (rhymes with diesel.)



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